(in)HUMAN represent all that humanity has to offer, freed by appearances.
a photo of the artist artwork 'inhuman'
/ (in)HUMAN

    Evolving through the good side of mistakes and bypassing uncertainties and chaos, MiTch creates a body of provocative and stylistically hybrid works that translates social tensions and contradictions. Those spontaneous and introspective messages are based on the concept of “thinking aloud”, a creative journey that invites you to benefit from conditions of disorder, taking advantage of the intellectual stimuli generated.
He doesn’t provide indications, but he suggests reflections, bringing out the one who interacts with the provocations of his artworks, conceived as a demythologization of everyday life that deals with the social nature of the human individual. By questioning him.

(in)HUMAN is a complicated project - containing 33 faces - whereby MiTch invites you to immerse yourself in a dream-like but possible world; imagine the purpose of souls to merge, assuming human appearance.

What would inspire them if they could only see and incarnate our soul?
It's likely that our emotions will transform into our distinctive trait; the artifice, whereby we hide everything that by convention we cannot reveal: lost, wrapped in worries and torn by the future that evolves towards uncertainty and scratched by selfishness disguised in altruism. This would reflect the (in)human’s skin.
Devastated, but fascinating with their big eyes capable of digging inside, sincere and full of that soul that we are abandoning because engaged in the ephemeral search for perfection only aesthetic.

A journey that is dreamlike, but achievable with the aid of artificial intelligence.

The (in)Human were generated from scratch through a language written on OpenAI DALL-E2 and Stable Diffusion. They are therefore the result of an artificial intelligence that recombines an infinite archive of images and following a set of textual instructions provided by MiTch, as the prompter, continually perfecting the text before evolving the goal.
An experimental process with which the artist wanted to immerse himself in AI, and to which he had to recognize the infinite potential of the creation of new forms of culture and knowledge, that never before man could have imagined. What Laurenzana proposes is not an artistically perfect search, but an advanced method that conveys this message that each one of us expects to receive to awaken with consciousness.

    In the eyes of (in)Human, the glimmer of this process.

/ MiTch LAURENZANA (Italy, Modena - 1983)

a photo of the artist in black and white

Cultural Manager, Visual Designer and Executive Image Creator of events, charity concerts and social series. Writer.
As an intuitive and creative dreamer, he conceived and developed cultural and artistic projects in collaboration with various Italian celebrities.  In March 2022, an unexpected work event determines the beginning of the metamorphosis of his artistic career.
His conceptual artwork conceived as a demythologization of everyday life that deals with the social nature of the human individual, beyond the limits of painting. By questioning him.
In November 2022 he was selected to exhibit for the first time, he will do so with 16 of his works in Turin, on the occasion of the Paratissima International Art festival.

Today, his paintings and his digital art win prizes and are exhibited throughout Italy in solo exhibitions and in groups selected with some of the most famous artists of the Italian contemporary scene, and it’s a part of numerous private collections.
The synthetic glass, the old forgotten glamour of the lime and the marble dust, and the old picture frames are the key elements where the viewer’s attention lands.
MiTch creates combinations of physical shapes and undefined words dispersed in the surrounding space, aimed to create an autobiographical mosaic of pieces, necessary part of the viewers ‘tools to enter this journey.

There are many exhibitions in Italy about (in)HUMAN, together with great international artists. A first successful solo exhibition dedicated to this digital project was in Alassio (SV) [April/May 2023, Ex Chiesa Anglicana, curated by Artàporter].
In October 2023 the first international exhibition on MiTch, in New York, curated by The Holy Art Gallery in London for a collective Digital Experience.
From 19/22 October 2023 at The Holy Art Fair, in London.
From 22 October to 15 November in a special exhibition in Turin - at the Scalo Vallino - curated by Simone Sensi.

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